There is no up-to-date manual available for GIMP in Finnish. We have been
thinking that we should write one in Finnish FLOSS Manuals for a long time.

However, the official manual of GIMP has not been translated into Finnish.
Translating the existing manual would take a higher priority than writing a
new one.

So the best way to get a Finnish GIMP manual would be to translate the
first two parts of the official manual into Finnish. I don't know if we
would be able to translate part three.

So we could translate the first two parts of the manual in the format that
is currently used. And then fork it to the Finnish FLOSS Manuals for
further editing.

Basically the Finnish FLOSS Manuals version would become a derivative work
or a fork of the official manual.

What do you think about this? Would it be all right to do this? And what is
the proper procedure for translating the manual?

Also, do you know if there have been earlier attempts to translate the
manual into Finnish?

Best Regards
Tomi Toivio
Open Source Coordinator
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