Le 28/04/2012 15:22, Marco Ciampa a écrit :
#: src/concepts/imagewindow.xml:322(para)
msgid ""
"<anchor id=\"dotted-lines\"/><indexterm><primary>Dotted lines</primary></"
"indexterm><emphasis>Dotted lines</emphasis>:<placeholder-1/>  This is a "
"feature specific to the single-window mode. These small dotted vertical"
"lines, on the left and the right of the image, mark the limit between the"
"image area and the panels, from top to bottom. When the mouse pointer passes"
"over this line, it turns to a double-arrow. Then, click-and-drag to move the"
"limit between image area and panels."

I do not see any dotted line in single window mode... is it a
reminescent of an old GIMP-2.7 single window test mode?

The version I used is that of the git repository on 2012-04-08.
I just installed gimp-2.8.0-RC1, which was released also on the same date, and still I have these dotted lines in single-window mode!

I use opensuse-12.1 with KDE-4.4.4
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