Hi Roman,

I don't know if I can solve your problem (and I have no idea why
everything worked for 2.6, but not for 2.8), but here are my

On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 08:36:04PM +1000, Roman Joost wrote:
> Build steps are:
>     make clean
>     ./autogen.sh --without-gimp
>     make validate-all
(Tip: "make -k [or --keep-going] validate-all" may be better, this
will continue even if validating one language fails.)

>     make html
>     for i in `find ./html -name 'images' -type l`; do ln -sf -T 
> ../images/$(basename $(dirname $i)) $i; done

I don't see what you want to achieve with this command, but I'm quite
sure it will not work as expected - local or remote.

(If you really need something like this, we should better add a new
'make' target.)

>     for i in html/ images xml; do\
>       rsync -avzr -e ssh $i cube:/htdocs/2.8/;
>     done

I don't use rsync (so maybe I'm wrong), but IMHO you can use

        rsync -avzr -e ssh \
                --relative \
                --delete   \
                images xml/*/images html \

Then you should have a working copy under cube:/htdocs/2.8/:

        htdocs/2.8/html/LANG/images -> ../../xml/LANG/images
        htdocs/2.8/xml/LANG/images  # containing proper symlinks

and .. 

> In the second last step, I'm repointing the the image links to one level
> above the HTML directory. That's because the 2.8 directory holds the
> whole structure and sub-directories:
>     /2.8/html/...
>     /2.8/images/...
>     /2.8/xml/...

... if you create an alias for every language

        http://docs.gimp.org/2.8/LANG/ = htdocs/2.8/html/LANG

it should work[*].


[*] It won't work, of course, I surely missed something... ;-)

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