On 22.07.2012 12:44, Kat Landreth wrote:
I think, given the contents of this section, something like
"Personalize GIMP" is more accurate. "Enrich", and "Improve" both seem
like they should have something to do with adding features to GIMP
through plugins and scripts. But this section really is about
customizing the interface to suit your needs. So my vote is for
"Personalize GIMP", or "Customize GIMP".

Although I prefer Personalize, I would am more likely to perform a web search on the term "customize" than "personalize" if I wanted to find information on the topic. In fact, I did exactly that for GIMP. A few references were found for personalization of GIMP, but Google was then smart enough to know that customize might be another choice and returned matches that included customize but not personalize. Google is smart.

I think that both Personalize and Customize are better choices than Enrich or Improve, and I would vote for Customize even though I prefer Personalize because I think that a user is more likely to search on that term (and a quick test seems to agree with that for both GIMP and Fedora; I only tested two topics).

Andrew Pitonyak

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