On 12.12.12 at 8:59 PM Kolbjørn Stuestøl wrote:
In gimp-tool-transform.html (src/toolbox/transform/common-features.xml)
there is a note:

      "When rotating a path, Preview options are not valid: only Outline
    is active."

What does this mean?

I'm not completely sure, but it sounds like an outdated information, that the Rotate tool wouldn't show the rotating path itself, but the rectangle outline of the image.

I am not able to rotate any path set with the path tool.
Perhaps I have missed, forgot  or misunderstood something?

You are able to rotate a path and to have a visual feedback for finer adjustment with the following steps:

1. Create the desired path.
2. In the Paths tab click the first field before the path to make it visible -> the eyeball like in the Layers tab will appear before the path and the path is shown on the canvas.
3. Choose the Rotate tool.
4. In the Rotate tool options dialog: behind the text 'Transform' are some toggle buttons - select the Path toggle button (the last in that row). To make the rotating path more recognizable you could select 'No guides' from the Guides list box.
5. Start rotating and confirm.

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