Den 14.12.2012 08:11, skreiv Julien Hardelin:
Le 13/12/2012 23:07, Kolbjørn Stuestøl a écrit :
Is there a simple way to verify xml files in gimp-help-2?

When running "make" commands like "make pot" I get the error message
"Makefile:1259: target `xml/en/toolbox/transform/common-features' doesn't match the target pattern"

It is my file "src/toolbox/transform/common-features" that is the reason for the error.

Obviously I have a wrong code or something in my xml file. But finding the error(s) can be a tedious job. (I am trying to incorporate Sven's explanation on how to transform paths.)
I am using Notepad++
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Did you pull recently? There was a parser error in common-features.xml that I corrected recently: an unwanted <variablelist></variablelist> that I deleted. It was in lines 330-340, or something like that, around the "<para>If this marked, which is the default..."
Thank you.
No, I did not pull until now, but found the error by hand.
Normally the programs sorts out such errors, but for some reason or other not always. Perhaps I have to invest in a code writer program or something. :-)

Also tried Liam's idea, and it works. Next step is to figure out how to get the command to tell me what is wrong, not only correcting it.

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