# Will localized html packages be released?


One year ago our team have provided a source tarball of 2.8.0 HELP
but not released HTML generated packages for each language.  I
assume the source bundle was an alpha version for asking tests for
people, almost users of GIMP 2.8 are surely awaiting for the first
release of installable-and-ready-to-use units.

Our source can already get status as a beta version or a release
candidate, in other words, almost new features and changes are
covered in recent updates for thanks of you all, though still few
trivial revisions are necessary.  In short, the rest problems from
my list posted 9 months ago can be fixed easily.  The attached
patch will fix the following issues:
* "Classic GIMP.org" sub-menu and its subsidiary items are removed
     from "File > Create" menu as well as "Misc." sub-menu.
* "Dynamic Keyboard Shortcuts" toggle of Preference is removed.

* "Instant update" switch of Histogram dialog is removed.

* "Apply Lens" (apply_lens.xml) is moved from "Light and
     Shadow" to "Distort".
* "Glass Tile" (glasstile.xml) is moved from "Light and Shadow"
     to "Artistic".
* At ImageMap filter, "Open recent" command does not exist.

By the way, gimp-help-2.6.0-html-LANG.tar.bz2 are provided but
2.6.1 packages are missing at ftp://ftp.gimp.org/pub/gimp/help/ .
What happens?  Packages 2.6.1 must be necessary.

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