On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 12:27 AM, JoAnne  wrote:
> I am looking for help with GIMP.  I am trying to  Design my own page
> by----pasting a downloaded document with a picture (s) .  Add / or change
> the font to print in a full page..  My purpose is to copy, paste, redesign a
> recipe / document then print it  .Have a new HP 2000 PC Windows 8 computer.
>         The result will be a notebook of recipes-self help ideas to share
> and pass on to the daughter – in –laws.
>     Am open to any and all suggestions you can give me. Previously tried ,
> had no luck. Even tried finding a phone number to call for Tech. help but
> was not able to do so.    Thank you for any and all help suggestions you can
> give me.  JoAnne Johnson

Hi JoAnne,

Depending on amount of pages you want to produce, you probably want
either Scribus or Inkscape which are better suited for mashing images
with long blocks of text. Or maybe you could use LibreOffice Writer,
for starters. So my suggestion is to start with picking a better tool
for the job.

We do not have phone number, because we do not have typical tech
support, because we do not sit in one building, because we are not a
company. We are a group of volunteers living around the globe.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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