I will definitely contact you for testing if I do another tutorial, I have
one in mind and a first draft started, just have to get it all together.

I mentioned in an email to Marco that I used the bluefish editor to create
the HTML, if that or another editor creates code that works, it would make
the authoring process a lot easier (in case others wish to write as well).

I am fine with the licensing that Marco suggested and changed on my behalf,
I will be happy to use which ever one is the current favorite.

About the images, I only use my own photos for editing examples & I will
try to stick to inanimate objects & if I have to use a face it will be
mine.  I guess the only question about rights is if I capture a screenshot
of a Gimp window or menu, I assume that I have the rights to that image as
well.  Do you know if that is true?


Thanks for the help & feedback,


On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 7:28 AM, Pat David <> wrote:

> Stephen,
> I had finally gotten my build environment setup for gimp-web, and was
> intending to integrate your tutorial into the site, but Marco beat me to
> it. :)
> Unlike him, I do have an apache environment setup that mirrors gimp-web, so
> can test these things as well (this goes for Marco as well - if you need me
> to check if things are working just ask).
> I'm not sure what might have happened with the <pre>'s, as spurious "<" and
> ">" shouldn't cause a problem (down the path of regex'ing html leads
> madness).
> In the future, if you can stick to standard html tags, we can handle
> translation to gimp-web for you.  don't worry about anything other than the
> raw tutorial stuff (heading tags <h1,2,3,etc>, <pre>, <p>, <img>, <span>,
> <div>).  Just write it normally, and we'll handle the rest.
> If you do use strange things, just notify us ahead of time, and we can sort
> it out.
> Also, if you wouldn't mind, consider the licensing moving forward (I'm sure
> Marco already spoke with you about this).  We'd prefer something permissive
> like cc-by-(sa), cc0, gfdl (I think).  If you use any images in your
> tutorial, make sure the rights are cleared for use, and if there is anyone
> recognizable in the images, please have model releases for them as well.
> --
> pat david
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