I've been working on roadmap document in the past weeks, which provides
an overview, where we're at at the moment and possible ideas which way
we might be heading.

I've created an etherpad to facilitate collaboration:


I made the etherpad public, so everyone can edit and change it (similar
to a wiki). I'd like your opinion and more ideas on what you think we
should do to help users. I'm sure there are more ideas floating around
and what we could achieve with the manual.

After a while I hope we'll lean towards certain ideas, add bugs and
implement them.

PS: If you like the etherpad, create yourself a Mozilla persona and it
should be easy to add you to the space instead of just being anonymous.

Kind Regards,
Roman Joost
www: http://www.romanofski.de
email: romanof...@gimp.org
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