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> Hi there -
> As you know, I am coordinating the translation for PT_BR
> (we have most files already, but the gnome.org pt_BR team
> wants they to have a final  review before comiting to git)
> For the files I am translating personally (as for the ones I will
> review), I am taking notes of outdated areas, and other
> inconsistencies. I hope we can deal with them properly later.
> An inconsistency a "little bigger" , thought, came by today -
> there is a file on Quickmasks on the "dialogs"
> section of the manual...it explains a lot about quickmasks and their usage
> (duplicating information there is elsewhere) - but there is no dialog
> involved at all. (but for the channel attributes
> dialog that can be used to change the color and opacity).
> Does it belong there?
> ( src/dialogs/qmask.xml )
Having a look at it, my feeling is, that it should be merged with:


"Merged" as in take the best bits from both instructions.

One idea for a future road map is to split up the reference from the
actual manual. I assume it will make things easier if the content is
separated. Having said that, the road map is not developed yet so the
reason why I think it should be merged is simply by the fact that I'd
avoid redundant content.

Ideas about for a future roadmap:


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