13 марта 2014 г. 23:39 Joao S. O. Bueno <gwid...@mpc.com.br> wrote:
> So - while we don't make a major decision about the roadmap (hello LGM
> :-)  ), or have a branch to work on changes for GIMP -2.10  - do we
> have at least a wiki page where we can take notes of things that
> should go into the manual?
> (I'd be for creating a "2.10" branch and start editing the XML english
> SRC there - there will be quite a lot of news for this release, and it
> would be said to have to wait over an year for the manual to catch-up
> when it is out).

IMO, you should mimic the GIMP team's workflow and use Git master for 2.10
features, while reserving a dedicated branch for all work on 2.8 docs.

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