I am inquiring about an advanced technique using GIMP

I am an old fashioned "silver" photographer who has made highlight masks
when the highlights were blown out for Dye Transfer. I can't figure out
how to do it with GIMP although there is evidence that it can be done.

This URL below is an example of a photograph I made that shows a ceramic
cat in the foreground whose highlights are still there if the image is
printed too dark. The photograph was shot in raw mode and Adobe

Here is an example I found to correct such a problem. The information is
so dated that these example menus are extinct and I can not find any
such menus.

I can duplicate the image with a ctrl-D and using the duplicated image.
I did- color->threshold and enter 240 so that the range is 240-255. Now
I have the highlights I wish to darken as a negative image.

My problem is how to combine the images in such a way as to "burn in"
the highlights and recover the lost detail.

This image could also use a shadow mask to improve shadow detail, but
that's another problem - one problem at a time.

How do I combine the images in the manner I have described above. Any
help would be greatly appreciated.

I am using GIMP 2.8.10 - OpenSuSE 12.3


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