Earlier tonight (MUCH earlier tonight) I downloaded and installed GIMP.  Then I 
opened it to make sure the installation had worked okay.  Then I clicked on 
"Help" to find out how to USE it.  To my surprise "Help" told me there was no 
Help Manual installed and gave me the options of going online or cancelling.  I 
did not want to go online, so I cancelled.  What it DID NOT tell me was 
how/where to get the offline Help Manual. 

So I went back to Google.  It gave me gimp.org amongst other possible websites 
to download the manual from.  I thought "Best to get it directly from the 
horse's mouth" so selected Gimp.org.  I downloaded the Help Manual 
loader/installer, then ran it.  It finished with the message "Help Manual 
successfully installed!".   "GREAT!", I thought, "offline Help, including the 
beginners' tutorials, now available whenever I need them on my local computer!" 

I reopened GIMP, then "Help", then, full of eager anticipation clicked "Help 
Manual".  What did I get?  A dialogue box that informed me that "Help Manual is 
not installed on your computer."  Options:  Go online   or   Cancel.   But I 
had JUST FINISHED installing the Help Manual - more accurately, I had JUST 
FINISHED letting GIMP's own installer instal the Help Manual, presumably in the 
same directory as GIMP's own program installer had previously finished 
installing GIMP itself.  EVERYTHING was absolutely standard.  

So WHY can't GIMP find its own Manual in the directory that GIMP itself created 
and installed it in?
Alt question:  What haven't I been told about how to make GIMP find a 
GIMP-installed part of itself? 

A broader, more philosophical question:  Why is SO MUCH new learning connected 
with IT like trying to find one's way into a building with no front door?       

I won't go into how long it took me to get registered as a subscriber to this 
list.  The confirmation process just went around and around in circles without 
ever putting me in front of a "start new thread" or "submit your question" 
screen.  All I want to do is stitch a few photos together and sharpen up the 
colours in a few others.    


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