Yes - such instructions would be welcome -
please keep in mind that your blog, as a "fixed address" in the internet is more
important than an e-mail post to any of the GIMP lists (although these
are mirrored on the Web).  Today there is no personal to update the
GIMP Web site with official or unofficial hints and "install guides"
like this.

Please, when you post, send the e-mail to the "GIMP-users" list as
well - as that way the article will probably reach a larger audience.


On 8 December 2014 at 20:32, James Bush <> wrote:
> I can write out the steps for installing GIMP-GAP on Mac OS X, if they are 
> not already posted to this list (a Google search showed nothing; and, the 
> GIMP website is missing any kind of source build instructions for Mac OS X 
> users).
> Not only have I nailed down the most concise method for adding GAP 2.6 to 
> GIMP 2.8.14, but, as a technical writer employed in Silicon Valley for 16 
> years, I can convey that method to any GIMP user clearly.
> I intend to post these instructions to my blog within the next day or two, 
> which will contain screenshots and a video of GIMP-GAP on Mac OS X; I'll 
> notice gimp-docs-list at that time.
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