Hello there!

i'd be so grateful for any guidance on my question :)

It's this:

I have the PDF "GNU Image Manipulation Program: User Manual"

downloaded to both my Windows PC, and my iMac OS X v.10.9.5.

The search function works perfectly in my PC, using Adobe Reader,


it doesn't work at all in my Mac, using neither Preview, nor Firefox

nor even my newly-acquired (in  a desperate attempt at the end of a long
frustrating day of  troubleshooting as best i know how!) Skim PDF reader!

So strange, huh?

So then, i tried re-downloading the "GNU…" PDF to my Mac.— Still no luck.

Then,  i thought, well maybe it's the reader— perhaps there's some quirk in
this "GNU" PDF, that makes MOST readers unable to recognize all its text as
a fully searchable component?

(And maybe Adobe Reader is extra powerful in that regard?)

(I tried then double-checking, to be sure that i could use the search
function on my Mac in other PDFs, and yes i can!

I searched through every one i tried perfectly, and i tried several, — all
except this "GNU" PDF work fine!

Unfortunately, when i searched online for an Adobe Reader download for my

it seems that it does not exist for Mac!


So  i thought, maybe the reason i couldn't make at least my Firefox search
in this "GNU" PDF in my MAC, is due to the add-on which i have only for
Windows not for mac:

 Adobe Acrobat PDF Plug-In For Firefox 11.0.8.—

it seemed perhaps a more functional app than Preview,  or than the app i
now have in Firefox on MAC, which is the built-in

Firefox PDF viewer('Free Foxit Reader').

But, alas, my search for that Adobe Acrobat add-on showed it also
unavailable for Macs.

One thing i did find,

though this might be just out of my desperation to find anything at all
that might be do-able—

(since this "GNU" PDF is crucial for me, as i depend upon the GIMP program
it pertains to and have had no success in installing the contextual help
itself! (how i wish i could!) and without being able to search this PDF, i
am hopelessly lost!)

—is this link:


(= *Adobe Reader* for Mac- Mac Update)

= at http://creative.adobe.com/ .

But it seems to me to be probably only an "update" to something that maybe
was available at one time, as i cannot find an actual Adobe Reader app for

So please,

does anyone have any ideas?

What have i not tried? …or what am i not understanding?…

Thanks so much,
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