Actually I think the information Ms. Hunter wants, such as it is, is on this page:

I can see she's going to have to call Legal on this one. Grin. TCEQ has a staff of lawyers one calls about anything. ;) Some of them even have common sense.


-----Original Message----- From: Bill Skaggs
Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2015 9:11 AM
To: Sarah Hunter
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Subject: Re: [Gimp-user] [Gimp-docs] Accessibility documentation request

Dear Ms. Hunter,

GIMP is open source software, available for download by anybody at no
charge, subject to a specific licensing agreement.  That licensing
agreement does not make any warranty of accessibility. If the state of
Texas purchased this software, it was obtained from a third party, not
directly from the GIMP project.  Any responsibility for documenting
accessibility would lie with that third party.

See for more information about the project.

Best regards, Bill Skaggs

(This email is purely informative.  I do not have the right to speak for
the GIMP project.)

On Tue, Jun 2, 2015 at 2:12 PM, Sarah Hunter <>

 This email is to request appropriate accessibility documentation for
purchases from your company.

Federal and state laws require Texas state agencies to purchase only
accessible electronic and information resources from our vendors. We (the
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) are currently reviewing all of
our software purchases and have been unable to locate the required
accessibility documentation for *GIMP.*

Per Texas Administrative Code, appropriate accessibility documentation may
be in the form of a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) or an
accessible electronic document that addresses the same accessibility
criteria in substantially the same format as a VPAT or equivalent reporting

I have attached an industry-standard VPAT for your convenience. You may also
find the Even Grounds website
<> to be

Please provide the requested information by *June 15th, 2015*. If I can
be of assistance, or if you need additional information, please let me know.

Thank you,

*Sarah Hunter*

*Accessibility Intern | Information Resources Department *

** <>

*512-239-4773 <512-239-4773>*

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