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   1. Re:  'make pdf' fails (Kolbj?rn Stuest?l)


Message: 1
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2015 21:59:12 +0100
From: Kolbj?rn Stuest?l 
To: gimp-docs-list@gnome.org
Subject: Re: [Gimp-docs] 'make pdf' fails
Message-ID: <566c8aa0.5050...@stuestoel.no>
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I was a bit curious inspired by this discussion, and tried to make a pdf 
file. Near the same result as Julien got:

    Build gimp.pdf
    built-in module xetex registered
    no support found for ifxetex
    no support found for fontspec
    no support found for xltxtra
    no support found for fontenc
    no support found for ucs
    no support found for inputenc
    no support found for fancybox
    built-in module makeidx registered
    no support found for babel
    no support found for cmap
    no support found for db2latex
    built-in module bibtopic registered
    building additional files...
    checking if compiling is necessary...
    the output file doesn't exist
    xelatex -interaction=batchmode gimp.tex
    Unexpected error occured
    Error: [Errno 2] No such file or directory
    Makefile:1492: recipe for target 'pdf/nn/gimp.pdf' failed
    make: *** [pdf/nn/gimp.pdf] Error 1

I am running this using CygWin 64 on Windows 7 Home.
All the modules not found are installed. "make validate-nn" returns no 
errors. Making HTML files works as expected. To be on the safe side I 
also run autogen.sh with parameters. No errors.
I tried both "make pdf" and "make pdf-nn". Same result.

I have no plans building pdf files for this help, so there is no reason 
using time to fix this. As said, I am just curious. If needed, I think I 
am able to make pdf files from the HTML files.
Mostly I write this to tell that there at least is one more having 
problems with the "make pdf" command.


Den 11.12.2015 21:19, Julien Hardelin skreiv:
> "So it seems that all you have to do is to install the proper package 
> from your distribution (e.g. texlive-lang-french or babel-french)"
> Unfortunately no. texlive-lang-french has been installed from a long 
> tme and babel-french is unknown in my system.
> Julien
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