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> Hi,
> In Blend tool, what are midpoints?
> Normally, the midpoint of an interval can be found by finding the 
> half-way point of each of the x and y values of the 2 points that
> define the interval.
> In Blend tool, midpoint often is not at center of gradient segment, 
> between two stops (and there is an option to place it at center).
> How to explain what midpoint is, here?

Midpoints are the points along the gradient where the two
endpoint *colors* of a segment are equally blended.  By default,
midpoints are placed at the geometric center of the segment, but they
can be moved to any other point along the segment.

Note that a lot of the relevant concepts might already be covered in
the documentation for the "old" gradient editor
(gimp-gradient-editor-dialog section), so it's worth taking a look at.

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