For localization of GIMP User-Manual we clone gimp user manual repository
into folder on /home/snehalata/SBS/gimp-help-2.
Modified configure.ac file added mr and added files paths in AC_CONFIG_FILES
Then created a new folder named mr in po folder of GIMP repository
We put then all translated .po files into mr folder
We run ./autogen.sh command
We referred the link
Then we are running make html-mr command to see user manual of local
machine in translated form that is in marathi
But we are getting error like this:

root@Snehalata-Desktop:/home/snehalata/SBS/gimp-help-2# make html-mr
[POT] pot/preface.pot
/bin/bash: ../../../../../tools/xml2po.py: No such file or directory
Makefile:1238: recipe for target 'pot/preface.pot' failed
make: *** [pot/preface.pot] Error 1

Please help us how to resolve this error...

I tried to put on paste bin but its not giving access ..

Snehalata B. Shirude, India

On Thu, Sep 6, 2018 at 11:04 PM Andre Klapper <ak...@gmx.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> On Thu, 2018-09-06 at 22:00 +0530, Snehalata Shirude wrote:
> > I downloaded gimp repository from git...
> > Followed steps I found like
> > Modified configure.ac file by adding mr
> I assume you did not download the "gimp" repository but "gimp-help".
> > Put po files in po folder
> > Then run autogen.sh
> > Then trying to use make html-mr command to see the translation on
> > local machine
> Are you following
> https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gimp-help/blob/master/TRANSLATING ?
> If so, you want to mention that for clarity.
> > But its giving error make: *** No rule to make target '
> > Can anybody will help to solve this?
> Please provide the lines before that error, for example by posting the
> complete output to paste.gnome.org and providing a link here.
> andre
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