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> My experience is ... the few times I connect into irc, all people are
> connected but nobody's speaking. It seems to me a place where people meet
> after having arranged an appointment or so by any other means...

You can't expect them to reply to a random Hi, if that is what you are
asking, but IRC is pretty much where GIMP development is happening.
#gimp is pretty active on usual European evenings.

> Email is persistent, irc is not. I can't see older messages. So, for me,
> irc is like using the phone: without record and on the fly.

Figuring out that, while the build is running, nothing is rsynced ,has
been done entirely on IRC. If we need more persistence, it would be
better to file an issue - and bring that up on IRC if necessary, it's
much more easy to post issue URL than mailing list archives.

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