Dear Liam, Alex,

I reply here for both the emails received.
I honestly don't know what these documents look like. As far as I understand, 
the information required by my company are the fact that you don't use personal 
data for other uses and the possibility for us to use gimp software for 
commercial purposes.

Before answering you the last time, I had a meeting with the IT service asking 
if a statement stating the above points was enough to allow the software to be 
installed and they told me that "if you still don't have these document it will 
be very difficult even with a statement made ad hoc for these".
I think there is little chance for me to install this software and therefore I 
do not want to ask you to do something that probably won't help me anyway.
This is a new policy for my company and I hope things will become clearer and 
easier in the near future. In that case I will wright to you again asking 
something, for now I'm afraid it is only useful.

Thank you a lot again for your availability.
Marco Galmozzi

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On Thu, 2021-05-27 at 12:14 +0000, Marco GALMOZZI via gimp-docs-list
> lieve it, unfortunately my company has very rigid procedures for the
> installation of external software.
> If you still don't have these document I'm afraid that there is
> nothing to do.
We won't ever have them if we don't know what they are or look like.

If you have some examples of what you are looking for, we can probably get you 
something  very quickly.

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