I am a relatively new user to GIMP. I just wanted to make a small suggestion for improving documentation.

Currently, the manual says:

The Open… command activates a dialog that lets you load an existing image from your hard-drive or an external medium. For alternative, and sometimes more convenient, ways of opening files, see the following commands (Section 2.5, “Open as Layers…” <https://docs.gimp.org/2.10/en/gimp-file-open-as-layer.html> etc.).

I would also like to suggest adding the following:

The Open command can also open an existing GIMP project or a file saved in .xcf format.

GIMP Image files are normally saved with the .xcf file extension, which stands for eXperimental Computing Facility.

Several other image editors/viewers can also work with .xcf files.

You may also use the Open Image as layers command to open a GIMP Image file.

I hope that helps

Jeff Williamson
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