Kolbjørn Stuestøl (Tuesday, 12. January 2010)
> When running make html-nn the stylesheets are not created in the
>  folder html/nn.
> Error messages:
> Writing index.html for book(gimp-main)
> error: file xml/nn/gimp.xml
> xsltRunStylesheet : run failed
> make: *** [html/nn/index.html] Error 11
> Some suggestions why and what to do to fix it?.
> No errors when validating the files.
> (The images are copied correct).

The stylesheets are not the problem. They are copied if and only if 
making html/nn/index.html succeeds.

According to the xsltproc man page, Error 11 is
        "Could not write the result to the output file"
so maybe there's just no space left on your harddisk or partition?

> There is another error too, but this is perhaps due to my updating
>  of Cygwin to version 1.7:
> Writing gimp-function-reference.html for
>  part(gimp-function-reference) No "nn" localization of
>  "normalize.sort.input" exists; using "en". No "nn" localization of
>  "normalize.sort.output" exists; using "en". runtime error: file
>  file:///usr/share/docbook-xsl/xhtml/glossary.xsl line 36 element
>  call-template
> The called template 'id.warning' was not found.
> Writing glossary.html for glossary(glossary)

Is the docbook-xsl package misconfigured somehow (e.g. missing files)? 
Which version is it?


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