Alexandre Prokoudine (Saturday, 20. February 2010)
> On 2/20/10, Ulf-D. Ehlert wrote:
> > It might help if you would post line 67 of gimp.tex (plus some
> > context lines(?), e.g. lines 65-69).
> And would you mind telling me how to post any lines of an otherwise
> temporarily created TeX file that is removed right after failed
> attempt to create a PDF file? ;)

make  [-f Makefile.GNU]  ...  pdf-ru  DBLATEXEXTRAFLAGS="--debug"

See dblatex(1):
        -d, --debug
                Debug mode: Keep the temporary directory in which dblatex 

But I think it's no longer necessary, I can reproduce the "T2A" and 
"\cyr*" errors using your xml example.

Don't know what's going on, though. Is this a LaTeX or a dblatex 
problem? I'll try to find some hints in the documentation (but note 
that I'm not  a LaTeX expert).


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