I've just browsed a bit in the archives and remembered, that I was
asking what the most annoying thing while editing the manual was for
every author:


Almost everyone thought the languages mixed up in one XML were very
annoying.  This has now changed with a big effort (thanks for Ulf for
his time investing in supporting programs).

Now two years later: What is now the most annoying thing?

The most annoying thing for me is, that I can't spend as much time on the
project as I would like to spend. I haven't made any contributions to
the manual for a while, also due to the fact that I'm just lost in the
current editing process. The wiki is down and doesn't seem to return
anymore. Maybe a better space to invite potential contributors would be
to open a space on the GNOME wiki.

I'm also watching the development of Mallard closely:


maybe something which we could benefit from.

Anyways. I'm still following the mailing list and try to help as much as
I can!

Thanks for the good work!

Roman Joost
www: http://www.romanofski.de
email: romanof...@gimp.org

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