>> Normally, a translator doesn't use git. He downloads po files from
>> DamnedLies http://l10n.gnome.org. He translates them and checks them
>> with gettext commands and then sends them to his language GNOME maintainer.
> Well put. I remember there was some effort spend for the user manual and
> it's also listed. What does translators keep from following that way?
> Cheers,
> Roman Joost

Well, I thought DamnedLies was just that - statistics. I didn't know
about that workflow. Anyway, gettext commands will not check for xml
syntax correctness, and we have (had?) some embedded xml in po
strings. I am not complaining, part of the reason for me to join was
to learn new things. I adopted docbook in my company for user manual,
for example. I just didn't expect the learning curve for git would be
steeper than svn.
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