RyōTa SimaMoto (Wednesday, 21. April 2010)
> After modifying command arguments so that they can
> work with BSD commands, 

Which changes are necessary?

> your script gives an impressive report.

I'm afraid most of this output is useless...

> I expected there are few functions rest, except image
> creator scripts, that are not documented yet.  In short,
> I thought only 15 functions are not documented,

This might be true. ;-) It seemed to me that many extracted GIMP
help-ids can't be activated with pointer and (Shift-)F1 key.

> I want to post these three pages, and hope someone to
> review them.  Which branch may I send them to, the
> master or a temporary working branch?

The temporary branches (like gimp-help-2-6-0) are obsolete, some 
branches (like cygwin-windows-quirks) were used for testing new 
features or so (and are most likely obsolete too).

You may create a new branch for this special(?) purpose, but much 
better would be to push them to the master branch IMHO; if you think 
it's necessary you can announce these files here on gimp-docs.


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