The text explaining the randomness slider in the filter Line Nova is a 
bit confusing to me:

"Set this value more larger (up to 2000) to get more distoted radiation. 
Regular star shape is given by setting this value to 1. The default is 
30.." (Also a printing error: disto*r*ted).

I think the average user will better understand an explanation something 
like this:

"Let the rays start at a random distance from the center. If this 
control is set to 1, all the rays starts at the distance from the center 
determined by the value set in the offset radius above. Higher values 
will randomly add or subtract some pixels from or to the calculated 
distances. The scale goes from 1 to 2000 with 30 as the default value."

Perhaps adding something telling that the value 1 will result in a 
circular start and that a high value will let the rays almost cower the 

Some fast thoughts wile translating the new written render filter 
chapter. May be too fast?


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