David (Monday, 30. August 2010)
> In a spirit of trying to help, may I share a few observations about
> the online documentation that would make my reading of it easier?

Feedback is always welcome! :-)

> 1. There is no link off the manual to the GIMP site. I wanted that.

The HTML manual contains more than 500 HTML pages. IMHO using your 
browser's bookmark feature will probably much easier and faster than 
searching for a link somewhere in the manual...

> 2. I'd much prefer a clearer layout of the manual web pages. For
> example the first page shows just a logo, until I scroll down, 

What's wrong with the nice logo? ;-)

> and the contents are spread over multiple screens (impossible to get
> an overview).

Ok, the table of contents *is* a bit confusing.

> Images would be better right or left aligned,
> definitely not inline as at present.

I don't see the problem (but that doesn't mean anything...). Can you 
provide some examples (e.g. GIMP vs. $OTHER_PROG manual)?

> Black text on white is clearer than orange on grey. 

We changed the style when the layout of the gimp home page changed. 
But you can switch to the old GIMP-2.2 ("gimp22") style (check the 
"View" menu of your browser). This works for online and offline 

> 3. Section 1.2 needs to tell me *how* to install the context
> sensitive help (I installed GIMP as recommended, onto Windows, but
> no context sensitive or local help is installed.)

This seems to be a common Windows problem. Linux 
distributions should install the GIMP manual package ("gimp-doc" or
"gimp-help") if the "gimp" package is selected.

Since I'm a Linux-only user, I have no clue about the Windows way of 
installing packages.

> I can share further specific points if there is interest

Definitely yes. :-)


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