David King (Wednesday, 24. November 2010)
> It appears that xsltproc is already installed in my Ubuntu. So, I
> now want to generate the English html files for myself to make
> sure I can - what do I type on the command line?

There are two ways to work/start:

1) The standard way is using autotools (automake, autoconf, etc.); you 
should start with
        $  ./autogen.sh ALL_LINGUAS=en
which does some checks and runs automake, autoconf and configure.
If everything is ok you will then have a Makefile and can do 
everything using the "make" command, e.g.
        $  make help
        $  make html-en
        $  make html  # only if you cofigured with 'ALL_LINGUAS=en'
                      # otherwise all html's are built
        $  make validate-en  # is it still valid DocBook?

2) IMHO the autotools are a) bloated and b) overkill for our project, 
so I created a Makefile that should "just work"; all you have to do is 
to type
        $  make -f Makefile.GNU ... LINGUAS=en
        $  make -f Makefile.GNU ...  # for targets ending with '-en'
instead of "make ...".
If some required program is not installed, this "make" will just 

If you add "VERBOSE=2" to your 'make' command you will see which 
commands are executed by 'make'.

> Then, if that works, I *think* I need to create a branch so that I
> can safely work on the re-structure. What do I type on the command
> line?

Most important command:
        $  git help branch
Creating a new branch is not really necessary, but it's a clean way, 
especially for major changes, and it's cheap (and easy):
        $  git branch name_of_your_new_branch
You'll have to checkout ("git help checkout") that new brach, that is 
to "change to this new branch":
        $  git checkout name_of_your_new_branch
You can also combine both steps:
        $  git checkout -b name_of_your_new_branch

> By the way, did it occur to anyone that having a help system that
> needs a programmer to change it rather limits the people who will
> help to... programmers - whereas what you really need to write
> help is authors ;). There's a huge barrier - still in front of me
> - before I can even begin to edit. I don't need to understand the
> inner workings - sure with enough effort I could, but what a waste
> of my time!

We used to have an INSTALL file, but it seems that it's gone. :-(


PS: Do you see the contradiction:
> Ah, right, I can give you some examples... ;) [...]
> ... having a help system that needs a programmer ...

Beten hei├čt den Himmel melken wollen.
                -- Karlheinz Deschner

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