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Tom Kent (Tuesday, 07. December 2010)
> I cloned the git repo from git://git.gnome.org/gimp-help-2, ran
> make to get all the html (and other stuff?) and started looking
> around for the translation to spanish, I found the po/es folder,
> then did some reading on gettext and found out how to load the
> various po files in gtranslator, which is about where I'm stuck.
> The first question I had is what is the layout of the files in the
> po/pot directories?  They don't seem to correlate with specific
> sections on the web page.  Is there somewhere that has an
> explanation of what the contents of each of those files are?

The pot & po files correspond to the xml files in the src/ 
directories, e.g.
contains translations of
while the resulting html files are not grouped in subdirectories.
> The second thing I ran into is when I'd search for some english
> phrase that I saw wasn't translated on the web page, they didn't
> show up anywhere in the es/po directory.

As we are using make, anything depends on the (correct) timestamps, so 
any outdated po files (and the 'es' po files are all outdated) are 
updated with the command
        make [...] po-es        # builds po files for 'es'
or automatically with commands like
        make [...] xml-es       # builds xml files for 'es'
        make [...] html-es      # builds html files for 'es'

However, when you cloned the git repo this will not work, because git 
sets timestamps of all cloned files to date and time of cloning, 

(1) touch all src/ files so that po files are definitely outdated:
        find src/ -type f | xargs touch
(2) rebuild po files:
        make [...] po-es

Then you should find any string.

Oh, some tips:
1. Consider creating a compendium file before you build po files
(cf. for example po/de/Compendium.po).
2) If you have cloned GIMP's git repo too, you should use
        make [...] po-es GIMP_PO_ROOT=/path/to/gimp/repo
the first time when you update your po files. This will use gimp's po 
files as libraries of translations and should add a few translations 
(menu items etc.).

> Anyway, I'm new to doing translations, so I was wondering if there
> was any GIMP specific documentation about the process for them. 
> (Or good tutorials in general) I've been doing a little reading
> about gettext and such, but I'm still not up to speed on how all
> this works.

The wiki contained some help, but it's dead. :-(


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