2011/2/23 Julien Hardelin <jm.h...@wanadoo.fr>

> Hi Michael,
> OK for substance.
> Some remarks about form:
> - TAB are set to 2 spaces.
> - Lines are less than 80 characters and spaces.

OK, figured out how to do those with Notepad++.

> - When explaining a term, please add an <indexterm>
>        <indexterm>
>          <primary>Resolution</primary>
>        </indexterm>
>   This will automatcally appear in the "index" chapter: last line in
> the html summary.

I've been meaning to ask about this: There were 7 terms in concepts.xml but
only one of them, channels, had an indexterm. So if I understand correctly,
the reason is that those other terms are explained at length elsewhere, and
THOSE places are linked to in the index, while there is no other reference
to resolution in the help?

> - I noticed 2 typos: "reslution" and "noticable". You probably have a
> spelling command in your editor.

Yup. I guess I'm so used to check-as-you-type spellcheckers I haven't
thought of runing a spell check.

> > what
> > is the significance of adding "acronym" and "quote" tags? what are they
> > for? they seem to have no influence on the final output.
> >
> For "acronym>, I don't know. But "quote" is important for
> internationalization. With <quote>Hello</quote>, I automatically get the
> French quotes in French html (« Hello ») with indivisible spaces!
> I made these changes in your xml file. Do you want I push your changes?

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