Vitaly Lomov (Wednesday, 16. March 2011)
> Hi Ulf,
> I use that file all the time on Windows7 with Cygwin. It works for
> all languages and all parameters. Once I got a bad address error
> on --nofiles param, but I think it's cygwin problem.

Yes, "--nofiles" just suppresses some output.

> So you can update the comment in the file that it's tested on
> Windows. Vitaly.

Done. Thanks for the note. :-)

> btw, I am back translating into ru, the *master branch. Is it
> correct or do we use a different branch now?

You should still use the master branch.  If/when we start writing 
documentation for GIMP-2.8 we will probably use a second branch 
(master + gimp-help-2-6, or master + gimp-help-2-8).


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