As you know, GIMP creates a few complicated directory tree and installs lots
of files as well as creating personal folder at the first run.  I think our
document can have a page discussing about files and folders for GIMP.

In several ways the GIMP Documantation give instruction how to use the GIMP
folder HOMEDIR/.gimp-2.6/ at personal area.  But one gives an example only
for /home/name_of_user/.gimp-2.6/, while another page regards MS Windows as
well with telling it may be C:\Documents and Settings\[user_name]\.gimp-2.6\.
Though we could enrich them by giving instances of the most three platforms,
beside of them a general guide would give much clear wide scope through
hierarchy of the GIMP files, and more detailed information in each platforms.

This guide may describe about the way to install GIMP Document package.
It would give a good help to users who can't find the destination help/
folder on the system files of GIMP, because the folder will not be created
just after fresh installation of GIMP app.

I wrote a sketch of such page in a xml file.

Perhaps it may also concern about installation guide though I didn't.

PS: I cannot upload it to the repository because my SSH secret key was
lost 7 months ago in HDD accident.  Accordings to the GNOME account
guide, PGP encrypted mail is needed to re-register new key, but I am sorry
I cannot understand how to set pgp feature on my GMail address.  I
already have many updated PO sources of GIMP Help translation, so can
you help me to send them[*] to the gimp-help-2 repository?
[1] http://gimp-doc-ja.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

SimaMoto,RyōTa <liangtai...@gmail.com>
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