It seems a small percentage are worried about the professionalism of the appearance of Gimp when using it in specific settings. Perhaps one of you could create a cloud directory with alternate splash files and concerned parties could simply overwrite the local splash directory with those contents.  Much the same could be done for other aspects like icons if the app file structure follows typical norms.  Does licensing forbid this?  I doubt it, but don't know off hand.


Marty G

On 09/23/2017 08:04 AM, gregory grey wrote:
Some stuff in <>  is just atrocious. Pretending you don't see that yourself is just insulting. You do realize that "fun" and "7 years old level of aesthetics" is not the same? One of the things I dig about Darktable is that I can show it to PS/LR users without being laughed at. It's the icons story all over again.

On Sep 23, 2017 2:37 AM, "Jehan" < <>> wrote:


    On 2017-09-22 16:29, Fulvio Massimo Mariani wrote:


    For the record, I had to manually accept your email because you
    are not subscribed to the mailing list. If you want further emails
    to be directly sent to the list subscriber (and not bother admins
    who have to manually accept emails), please consider subscribing:

        My name is Fulvio.

        I’ve been a Gimp fan since a lot of time ago (I’m a graphic
        designer and I do not how to use Photoshop, consider this).

        I just downloaded the 2.9 version of the software and checked
        the new
        features and UI.

        All looks nice (and font loading is now much faster), but
        please, and
        this is the purpose of the post, consider to use a neat,
        minimal Logo
        opening. The actual loading window is not at the level of the
        and its specs. Look for a designer to draw and compose a
        minimal/material Design for your app loading screen, because
        of the
        perception of the app starts from this screen (the actual loading
        window is not goo, really).

    I assume you mean the splash image? What don't you like in it?
    That it is not serious enough?

    Though in theory I don't really disagree that some kind of fancy
    "simple/minimal" design can be nice, I don't believe this to be
    that important. We had by the past people wanting to make GIMP a
    "product", something "professional looking" and whatnot. And this
    one experience I am thinking about was not a pleasant experience
    to me, at all. In the end, I appreciate that some people can have
    some fun while making GIMP (especially since it's done on most
    parts as voluntary work) rather than making boring corporate
    images. As long as the software itself is actually good,
    professional and does well what it is supposed to do, does it
    really matter that the splash image is usually a fun image
    contributed by various artists?
    This is even more true for 2.9 which is a dev version (therefore
    allows even more fun), but even stable versions used to have more
    or less interesting/funny designs:

    This being said, as I said, our splash screens are indeed
    contributed by various artists and we definitely welcome more
    contributions there. If you want to propose a splash for a next
    dev version, please be our guest. Next splash could be yours. :-)
    Yet know that it won't stop us from also accepting other funky
    splash images when they will be contributed as well.

        Have a nice day.

        I just wanted to suggest something)

    Thanks for this. This mailing list is indeed the right venue to
    propose a splash screen for a further version.
    We look forward to any contribution from you or any artist
    (painter, designer, photograph…) who has an idea for a nice splash
    screen. :-)


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