This is an enhancement request for an alternate object positioning modality.  I have reviewed which suggests that for GIMP the Bugzilla is *not* the place for user-generated enhancement requests and this mailing list seems the next best forum for this request.

Pointer-based positioning (select and move by pen, mouse, etc.) of active objects via the GUI have inherent limitations for fine positioning of selected objects.  These sources are:

+ Quantitization and jitter in the computer hardware/software stack, and

+ Jitter and tremor in the user's meatware stack in positioning the pointer.

It is the latter which is the motivator for this request.  Meatware users typically have a heartbeat which always introduces tremor. Older meatware users can develop degrees of "essential tremor" complicating fine use of pointer hardware.

Compensating by doing positioning at high zoom-in has its limits because the user can lose their view of local landmarks in the image to which they are positioning and guides disappear at 800% zoom. (In passing, neither Snap To Canvas Edges nor the Alignment Tool appear to work for Guides if I want a guide precisely on a canvas or layer boundary edge.)

Functionality Requested:

In any context where a user is, in the GUI, a) moving an entire object ( as with Move, Rotate tools), or b) editing an object or meta-object by moving an poly-line or grid edit point (selection, path, shear grid, perspective grid, transform cage, etc.), there is an alternate positioning mode using the Cursor keys allowing positioning to some quantum of position change, possibly with modifier key selection gross and fine quanta.  Guides count as GUI objects.  Positioning by co-ordinate entry is not a substitute as that method is not a fluid interaction compared to simple key press.

I am currently using GIMP 2.8.22 on Windows 10 Pro and about to update to 2.9.x.

I have reviewed the Preferences->Input Devices->Main Keyboard events map possibilities for Cursor Up/Down/Left/Right and have not recognized an action set that might offer the functionality.

I have reviewed the following and did not see any obvious hits by eyeball:

+ with "positioning" and "cursor"


Conceptually, one could imagine a sets of actions context-something-GUI-movable-selected-move-{gross, fine}-{up, down, left, right, diag} that could be mapped to keyboard keys.


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