On 12/21/2017 07:30 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
Is there anyone who is satisfied with on-canvas GUIs in their present state?

On the whole I don't particularly like the on-canvas GUIs, but I've assumed that other people do like them. There is one on-canvas GUI that lacks a fairly important bit of information, and another that is several steps beyond annoying:

1. The blend tool has an on-canvas GUI, but the angle at which the blend is being drawn isn't shown in the on-canvas GUI and also not shown in the status bar. This makes it a bit difficult to draw a gradient at a given prechosen angle.

2. I wish that the color picker had an option to permanently disable having the readout be on-canvas:

* Its presence in the upper right corner means that to color pick in the upper right corner first you have to put the color picker down somewhere outside the on-canvas GUI, and then slide the color picker up to the point where you want to color pick. But you still can't see where you might be color-picking, despite the on-canvas color picker being transparent.

* Its presence in the upper right corner interferes with seeing the entire image: Colors influence our perception of neighboring colors, which means having a GUI stuck in the corner of the image hampers making judgements about the image colors as a whole. Similar concerns obtain for judging image composition - the composition is thrown off by the presence of an odd rectange in the upper right corner.

* Removing the on-canvas color picker readout from the upper right corner requires clicking on a small icon in the upper right corner of the on-canvas GUI, and then you have to move the color picker readout to where you wanted in the first place, which for myself is usually *not* over the image, and on those rare occasions when it really is convenient to have the readout temporarily right over the image, usually it needs to be somewhere other than the upper right corner.

* The behavior isn't consistent. If you detach it from one image and then color pick another image without changing tools in the meantime, the readout is not attached to the second image's canvas. But if you do change tools and then go back and color-pick a second image, the readout *is* attached to the second image's canvas, from which it needs to be detached again.

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