Am Freitag, 29. Dezember 2017, 16:32:49 CET schrieb Elle Stone:
> Hi All,


> After years of using GIMP in Multiple Window Mode, I'm thinking about
> switching to Single Window Mode - the "sticking point" is not enough
> vertical space in Single Window Mode.
> Here's a screenshot showing several possible places for saving vertical
> space in Single Window Mode:
> -single-window-mode.png


> 3. I think the extra space around the Tool Options sliders is currently
> determined by the system font size. So choosing a larger font
> automatically increased the "padding". I really need a largish font to
> be able to read the slider text. But the extra padding means wasted
> vertical space.
>       If the padding could be independent of the font, and possibly be
> user-settable, that would be very helpful. It would also be helpful to
> have the option to set the font size. It seems right now the only way to
> set the font size is by modifying the user's (hidden) .gtkrc-2.0 file,
> which of course affects many more programs than just GIMP.
> 4. Same as above: The opacity slider has too much vertical padding.

It would be nice if sliders could be made smaller indeed.


> 6. This is the biggie, literally. It would be nice to have the option to
> not have the image window tabs at all. But if having these tabs is a
> requirement, at least make the tab height and tab icons as small as
> possible. Is there a place in Preferences that controls this icon size?
> It's huge! Where in the code is the tab/icon size set?

This one annoys me most. When only having a single image open the tabs should 
probably not shown at all. Or is a single tab good for anything that is not 


> Actually, except for "6", all these "vertical space saving
> possibilities" also apply to Multiple Window Mode. Especially when using
> the Paint tools, the Tool options dialog is very "tall" and every bit of
> vertical space that can be saved helps avoid the dreaded scrollbar.

Besides 3./4. and 6. I don't mind the extra space, it helps separate things 
and is less clutter than horizontal lines.

> Elle


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