On 2018-02-24 17:15, Michal Vašut wrote:
To conclude this, it was quiet educational. At the beginning I didn't
know nothing (or very little) of how the Gimp development works. I
thought it was very random and messy.
Now I know that the Gimp development looks more like guerilla war. Due
to lack of resources (money & manpower) separate groups are born and
die. Those groups are working on their own goals with some common
needs were they cooperate together and their ultimate goal is win the
war ( or in this case to improve Gimp).

Wait what?! There is no war. This is about the opposite to what we all told you. GIMP is a fine example of people working together and collaborating very happily. :-) And I am quite happy of that, because I would not be able to do alone even a small portion of what we are able to do all together.
And we are certainly not making any "groups" within GIMP.

Anyway this discussion is getting ridiculous and quite sick, speaking of war and guerilla out of nowhere. I am out.



There is no point arguing about your contributions. I am dev myself an
after all day behind screen, I am happy if I don't need to see it
again until next day. So from this point of view I appreciate your
work even more.


Somebody made notice about management and decision making ... I fully
agree that those guys often tries to look important, but makes very
weird decisions because of their lack of knowledge. But some kind of
coordination is needed. Maybe I only don't see it here. Well you guys

* these mailing lists were people  from outside can look, but here are
more general things (or I guess from what I already read)
* IRC - maybe here are more important talks and planning, but who
knows - it's for instant messaging without history
* wiki - yeah, there is lot of stuff, but not very current and what
I've found out today, some devs even disagree with some of it (but
this is caused probably by this guerilla development)
*Bugzilla - bugs that needs to be fixed some unorganized feature

So how can any new volunteer join some of those dev fractions when
from outside he / she doesn't know what to expect or what is working
on? From outsider point of view, it looks like the Gimp even doesn't
need any help.
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