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While I understand what you are asking for, I'm wondering why it is really necessary. The 2 options already exist: picking using the color picker tool or using the color dock.

I also understand that you may not want to care about the difference. From a simple point of view, they both pick colors, what is the difference? Who even cares about this difference? I get this. Yet the difference exists, we didn't invent it and I'm not sure if trying to blur this difference is not an actual disservice to people.


Hmm, I didn't interpret the request as "why care about the difference" (the difference is very real and very important). I interpreted the request as "Put access to the color picker inside the "Choose Foreground/Background" dialog, along with keeping the "pick screen color" eye-dropper".

Having the color picker tool inside the "Choose FG/BG" dialog seems like it might be pretty handy, though given that the color picker is readily available in the toolbox, it's not a big deal.

Having the color picker tool also be in the "Choose FG/BG" dialog, along with the screen color picker, might make it more obvious that the two tools indeed have different purposes and do in fact pick different colors.

On the other hand, the "Choose FG/BG" dialog would be more complicated. And users might forget which color picking tool they just used, or accidentally use the screen color picker when really they wanted the "pick color from GIMP image" color picker or vice versa.


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