On 03/11/2018 01:04 AM, Justus Rajan wrote:
I seem to have solved the issue by turning off the colour profile applied
by the system itself. (Ubuntu -> Settings -> Devices -> Color)

Now I can pick the right colour with the colour picker tool from the colour
dialog box.

Sorry about raising this (irrelevant) issue. ^_^

Hmm, if the color profile applied by the system itself is somehow causing GIMP's screen color picker to pick the wrong color, this doesn't seem irrelevant, but rather indicates a color management problem somewhere.

In GIMP, in the Color Management section of Preferences, I'm guessing you have color management enabled, yes?

In GIMP Color Management Preferences, what monitor profile did you select? Is the box to try to use the system monitor profile checked or unchecked? Also, is the box to use black point compensation checked or unchecked?

Also which version of GIMP are you using?

Do you know what monitor profile is chosen by the system "(Ubuntu -> Settings -> Devices -> Color)"? Is this the same monitor profile that you selected in GIMP in the Color Management section of Preferences?

If you are happy with results of simply disabling the color profile applied by the system, and don't want to dig any deeper, please ignore this email! I'm curious as to what went awry, but sometimes these things can be difficult to track down.


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