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On 2018-05-21 04:12, Elle Stone wrote:

1. Right now every time I move the mouse over the toolbox in
Multi-Window Mode the toolbox text gets brighter (or darker if I'm
using the "dark" option), and the toolbox background gets darker (or
lighter if I'm using the "dark" option), such that contrast is
increased when the cursor is over the toolbox. And the color of the
font above the image window also changes.


2. Using this GTK3 stuff, my two-pane toolbox is just over 750 pixels
wide on my 1600-pixel-wide monitor (far too wide for useability) and
neither pane can be made any narrower. By contrast, in GIMP-2.10 using
GTK2, the same two-pane toolbox is less than 280 pixels wide, and the
right pane can be made arbitrarily narrower.


3. Is there some way to change the colors in the GTK3 theme? Right now
the choices seem limited to
   * "too light"
   * "too dark with a hint of green-blue" (color-picks as LCh 14, 4,
221) instead of a neutral dark gray.

It looks like the GTK2 GIMP themes weren't ported to git master. Are
there plans to port these themes? I like the GTK2 gray theme quite a
lot. Is there an actual GTK3 theme for GIMP?

Hi Jehan,

A note: are you actually planning on working with master? Even though for the last few years, master was absolutely production-usable, this is not the case with new master with GTK+3.

I asked about this on the developer's list, but so far nobody has answered. I'll quote from what you said below to the other list thread because your answer is quite to the point.

On Linux I'm used to "development" branches that are just as useable as releases, and I've been using the "old" GIMP git master since 2013. But given the state of the user interface for "new" git master, I'll just switch back over to 2.10.

A lot of stuff is broken on the GTK+3 port. As I write this, I am working on the icon themes for instance which are completely broken. This is not production-ready.

Is this the right place to ask about the user interface for gimp git
master, now that the gtk3-port has been merged to git master?

It is.
Not only "ask", but also propose and discuss.

OK, here is some actual input on GTK+3 theming:

GTK+3 makes possible a lot of singing and dancing that doesn't seem to happen in GTK+2 - for example, on-hover color changes and disappearing/reappearing scroll bars.

For whatever themes are eventually made for "new" git master, please make them as close as possible to the current themes for 2.10. The themes for 2.10 are awesome, precisely because they stay out of the user's way visually.

The only complaint I have about the 2.10 themes is the icons are not as easily visually distinguishable as I'd like them to be - maybe because I'm too used to the old icons. So I just use one of the old icon sets and all is good.

GTK+3's many ways to make the user interface more, umm, I guess "interactive" might be the right word, are not suitable for use in an image editor because all they accomplish is visually drawing the user's attention *away* from the image and *to* the user interface - totally counter-productive.

Regarding the "change color on hover" issue, that doesn't happen in SWM. It shouldn't happen in MWM. It isn't even consistent - to trigger the color changes the mouse has to move over something on the desktop that isn't a GIMP window.

Regarding the GTK+3 "disappearing/reappearing scrollbar" that I mentioned above, that can be eliminated if one manages to find the right syntax to put into the user's GTK+3 config file, which I did to keep RawTherapee's scrollbars from disappearing. So this particular "GTK+3 song and dance" didn't happen in my own install of "new git GIMP". But I'm guessing this is because I already spent time searching the internet looking for how to eliminate this unwanted GTK+3 "feature" from the RT user interface - RT devs didn't put this feature in by default, that happens somewhere else in the chain of files that makes up a GTK+3 theme. But hopefully it can in fact be controlled through a theme instead of forcing the user to tweak config files.

When we finally have GTK+3 themes for GIMP, it would be nice to have them be as totally awesome as the GTK+2 themes for GIMP 2.10. The 2.10 themes are pretty to look at, very professional-looking, with no flashing, no color changes, nothing that disappears and reappears, visually constant as any image editor's user interface should be. A lot of thought and planning and work went into those 2.10 themes and it would be sad to see the awesome results disappear under the weight of GTK+3 song and dance.

If you want a moving target while still stay usable, build "gimp-2-10" branch (which is old master). I predict it will still stay quite active, much more than what the "gimp-2-8" branch used to be since we will continue to backport features when possible/not too hard.

Yes, that's exactly what I'll do. Thanks much! for the input. I hadn't realized just how much I like the 2.10 interface and themes - and how vitally important the theme actually is for useability - until firing up "new git/GTK+3 GIMP" for the first time.

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