FWIW, I filed a bug report on this topic:

On 06/01/2018 02:06 PM, Elle Stone wrote:
It would be nice if GIMP brush metadata could hold the author/copyright/source url/other? information for each brush.

It would be really nice if certain tags for brushes could be generated automatically, including:

1. Type of brush - gih, vbr, or gbr (also abr? these are handled differently?)

2. Approximate size of brush - I use these groupings for "size" tags, using the long dimension for brushes that aren't square:
     ~32px (and anything smaller)
     ~512px (and anything bigger)

    So for example 100px brushes go in the 128px category and 80px brushes go in the 64px category.

3. Author of brush

4. Other?

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