On 2018-06-25 15:39, marty wrote:
Hi Gimpers,

I'm looking for pressure sensitivity, as many levels as possible, and
one that works well with gimp/debianish.  Googling brought up many
issues for various models and my hope is that members here will have
some good advice for digitizers.  If anyone has feedback on what ones
they'd recommend for  budget, midrange, and best quality digitizers
I'd really appreciate.

Mostly copy-pasting another message from the other day, as this is a fairly regularly asked question:

In our studio, we used Wacom Intuos 5 and now Wacom Intuos Pro, which is basically the new version of the same model (just renamed to "Pro"). It does work out of the box with any modern Linux distribution, as do most Wacom tablets as far as I know (even the expensive Cintiq ones). Maybe just don't buy the very last models if they just got released but usually any Wacom tablet is supported out-of-the-box maybe within 6 months.

Now I don't want to look like I do marketing for Wacom. This is just that we use these (and unfortunately don't have the funds to just buy many different tablets for tests — though we would love to be able to — so we just go with what we know). But we hear there are very nice contenders nowadays, and in particular at much more affordable prices (but that's not the only point; Wacom has quite a few quality issues, despite its famous brand, as you can see from various reviews), and many of them also work on Linux distributions. Though you should check individually to make sure.

There are a few nice forum threads on the topic. I kept this one very interesting link from MyPaint forums: https://community.mypaint.org/t/which-graphic-tablets-models-work-on-mypaint-1-2-0/269 (note: what works for MyPaint would most usually work for GIMP too).

As for pressure sensitivity, most pro tablets from any brand sold nowadays should do, I guess. Wacom usually announces much more levels than their competition but it is still quite unclear how much this race to pressure level is meaningful and most professionals would tell you that after some minimum, they don't see much difference.

Given the technical aspects, particularly of pressure sensitivity,
with gimp/linux, I can't think of a better place to ask.  I know this
isn't the forum focus, but I'm not sure where else would be better, so
a pointer there would be great also if you have one.

Replies off-list are fine if the admin doesn't want the chatter here

Actually the gimp-user-list mailing list would have been appropriate: https://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/gimp-user-list

For the next time, you'll know. Though it's ok, we can allow it for this one time. :-)




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