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This entire GUI UI/UX effort would be easier if everyone just listened to
me... :D


On Thu, Oct 8, 2015 at 11:14 AM Jehan - GIMP <> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I am happy to announce that the GIMP team has opened a new mailing list
> dedicated to discuss user interaction in GIMP, in particular graphical
> interaction.
> This is a place to discuss of the future of GIMP interface and any
> decision should lead to properly designed specifications for further
> implementation.
> Anyone interested in participating should be aware of GIMP "product
> vision", and works done in the previous years (cf.
> since this is the
> continuation of such works, and not a change of vision.
> Of course, the same code of conduct (which you can read here:
> applies here, as on all other
> mailing lists managed by the GIMP project.
> The main other major place to discuss will be the good ol' main #gimp
> IRC channel on There is no channel dedicated to UX
> discussion. I am not planning to make one for now, unless GUI discussion
> were starting to overflowing the main channel.
> The wiki will contain researches, studies, specifications,
> work-in-progress info, etc. Accounts are to be asked to GIMP developers,
> but there is no need to rush and ask one right now, since we will have
> to discuss how to organize wiki collaboration first (to differentiate
> between proposed, accepted and finale specs in particular).
> Have fun!
> Jehan
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