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Some may have heard that I have been working on improving Export lately (http://girinstud.io/news/2015/09/improving-the-export-process-in-gimp/), and for the ones who met me in LGM, you may even have known that I have been thinking about this topic for more than a year.

The basic idea is that our current export dialog is too basic, because it has been sharing the same code logics as "save" for too long. But while you *save* a work in progress without any loss in higher possible quality, you actually *export* a "snapshot" of this work for various different reasons (high quality print, small file for the web…). The export dialog should show its specificities.

So now we have 2 concepts of Save != Export since GIMP 2.8, result of the Save + Export spec (http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/Save_%2B_export_specification). And since my commits about a month ago, we have finally separate code bases for these, allowing us to go further.

I'm thinking that we could include optional modifications of the exported images (like resolution, color profile changes, etc.), and also that we could have the filetype-specific options in the export dialog itself, instead of being managed by the plugins (this of course implies an API change for GIMP 3.0 for instance).

The workgroup wiki page:

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