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#User Story

Sometimes it is kinda hard to find the tool you are looking for
especially when you resize your toolbox or the window resizes your
toolbox.  Depending on the screen size some of the tools even get
pushed down past the screen till you can no longer see them. I know
generally where the tool should be but when I go to look for it does
not seem to be there.


To improve user experience I propose toolbox spacers. Attached is an
image showing how this could be done. In Preferences > Toolbox there
would be a new spacer button to add horizontal (or vertical spacers if
the option to put the toolbox horizontally gets implemented) spacers
to the toolbox. Use the up and down arrows or Drag the spacer to move
it.  This feature would go nicely with the Toolbox groups/folders
feature request.

#Arguments against

One may argue this is just copying off of Photoshop and that we should
not copy from them just for the sake of copying especially proprietary
software. This is true Photoshop do group their tools like this.

#Arguments for

You should also not refuse to implement an idea because some other app
has this feature because it is proprietary and just to remain
different. This feature will improve user experience there for is a
good idea and should be implemented.

#Suggested Default Spacers

This could be just a feature to give users more control over GIMP. But
if we decide to go and add some groups to GIMP by default here are
some suggestions.

* Rectangle Select
* Ellipse Select
* Free Select
* Scissors Select
* Foreground Select
* Fuzzy Select
* Select by Color


* Color Picker
* Zoom Tool
* Measure Tool


* Unified Transform
* Rotate Tool
* Scale Tool
* Shear Tool
* Perspective Tool
* Flip Tool
* Cage Transform


* Bucket Fill
* Blend Tool
* Pintbrush
* Pencil Tool
* Airbrush Tool
* Ink Tool
* Clone Tool
* Seamless Clone
* Healing Tool
* Perspective Tool
* Blur / Sharpen Tool
* Smudge Tool
* Dodge / Burn Tool


* Color Balance
* Hue-Saturation Tool
* Colorize Tool
* Brightness/Contrast Tool
* Threshold Tool
* Levels Tool
* Curves Tool
* Posterize Tool


* GEGL Tool
* Option Tool

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