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#User Story

As a user with a smaller screen horizontal screenestate can be just as
important as vertical screenestate. When the user gets rid of the
widgets they can shrink the toolbox to the width of one tool icon. But
then they do not have the much needed toolbox widgets.


In order to get the most out of the available horizontal screenestate
you have to take away the toolbox widgets. But this takes away the
toolbox widgets from the user. So then you have to deal with the wast
of space that they widgets take up.

As a solution I purpose that when shrinking the toolbox that bar not
stop at the width of the widgets but The toolbox and its widgets
should shrink down to the width of a normal 22x22 tool icon.

There is no "width of the widgets" most of the time (you can indeed request a minimum size, but that's usually not done), but simply they happen to take either the place needed by their children, or the place given to them. In your screenshot, I would guess that the fg/bg color/brush/pattern/thumbnail are the widgets which dictated the size of all the tool widgets. Without these, it would likely shrink to the icon size. So basically your request is to size down these down when the toolbox is 1-icon wide.

There is also a bug report about switching to small icons more easily (https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=754442), though I see that small icons do not actually change the size of such buttons (fg/bg color and such in the toolbox), which can be considered as related.

This is probably all to be discussed and decided with the rest of the discussion about revamping the toolbox.


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