On 2015-10-15 16:55, Americo Gobbo wrote:
Hi all,
I'm interested to study the possibility of the workspaces on GIMP...
in theory, we already have the themes... the workspaces is the natural
extension of this concept... is an enhancement of the theme feature,
but I am not safe if is good to talk in this way... because the
workspace do not change the theme... only use it to save as the docks
are configured or placed on our desktop in the sessionrc archive.

Basically you want what other software call "profiles" to have separate settings, right? Like you would have one *workspace* for "painting", one for "photography editing", and so on. Is that it?

This is interesting though I wonder how many user would actually use these. I feel like while this seems like a cool idea at first, but then many users may get used to one of their workspace in particular and in the end would basically use only this one.
Most software which had a profile concept seem to have dropped it now.

This said, I am in favor of enhancing capabilities of our API to allow plugins to do far more than what they can nowadays. And this kind of feature could be a good plugin. As for a main feature, I'm unsure. But if others are interested, we can discuss.

For me would be very useful to have the possibility to save the user's
workspaces, as sessionrc, for each task, for example. The problem of
this approach that in the current releases of GIMP is not possible use
another sessionrc without quit and open again GIMP.

Yes. As you say, technically this should be fairly easy. Now is to decide what would make sense for the core GIMP design.


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